'MELVIN' & 'NOWELL' - Lightweight Summer Line

Today we have something for the ladies. This is Melvin and Nowell in salmon-blue print from our lightweight summer line.

March 20 - 2014
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Let us introduce you to Riley, our new squall parka - so you're ready when the rain comes.

Riley - Squall Parka

March 19 - 2014
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Wemoto Spring / Summer 2014

Spring is just around the corner and we're happy to announce the release of our new spring/summer line! We've got plenty of great styles coming your way. Have a look at the catalog below and get an impression of the whole collection. Hope you enjoy!

March 13 - 2014
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Jacket Required, London!

From tomorrow on we're showing our Autumn/Winter 2014 line at Jacket Required in London. If you're in town come around! www.jacket-required.com

Wemoto @Jacket Required, London

February 4 - 2014
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CIFF, Copenhagen!

Visit us at CIFF, Copenhagen and have a look at our forthcoming Autumn / Winter 2014 line. For more information visit ciff.dk If you near Copenhagen this week, drop by - see you there. 

Wemoto @CIFF, Copenhagen

January 28 - 2014
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Jason Sellers - Interview

We're very happy to present an interview with one of our first companion and friend of many years - Photographer Jason SellersWe work with Jason for a very long period and if we have to point out something about Jason, it's definitely his cheerful disposition and the total relaxed atmosphere in his studio. It's always a great pleasure to collaborate with him. For winter 2013/2014 we joined forces to set up two great T-shirts. A couple of days ago we met him in his studio.
Hey Jason, hope you're good! Please introduce yourself.
Hi, I'm Jason, I'm 33 years of age, living in Wiesbaden Germany, working as a Freelance Photographer. Most of my work focuses on people, fashion and lifestyle photography. I also have a passion for street photography.

What does a typical day in the life of Jason Sellers look like? 
Well if I am not traveling or riding my bike, then I am at my office working. I share a nice workspace with 4 good friends. Each individual works in a different creative field on a freelance base, creating a versatile and energetic working atmosphere. I mean these guys are in my eyes masters at their craft, which is extremely inspiring and motivating to me. It's a fun place to be and work, so you'll most likely find me there all day.
You publish your photographs under the name FWDBOUND. What is it about?
Forward Bound is a website I created to display a majority of my Lifestyle-driven work, the stuff I identify most with. Mainly focusing on urban-culture movements like the skateboarding and Fixed Gear culture. Looking at how the protagonists of these scenes express themselves, on the one hand through their sports, on the other hand through their way of living and Lifestyle. It is a mixture of commercial and private work.
A couple of months ago you were on 3 week bike trip across the US. Can you tell us about it?
Yeah it was a Roadtrip completely dedicated to Fixed Gear Freestyle. 7 Top riders from around the world got together in New York City and set out on a 2 week journey to San Francisco in a big RV. On our way we passed through cities like, Philli, Cleveland, Chicago and many others. The main aim was to ride a lot of good spots and to get a lot of footage. To top it off, at the end of the trip all riders attended the annual RedBull Ride+Style Event in SF. This event is a big deal and made the whole scene come together to ride and have a good time. The trip was extremely adventures and fun which can be seen in my photos on www.fwdbound.com coming soon. Until then check out the teaser to the Photo-Set.

What's the best part about being a photographer to you?
Well I feel really lucky and blessed making money with what I love doing. Getting the chance to travel and to meet new, interesting people is also great. But ultimately the best part is to capture a moment and to maybe even immortalize something or someone.
What piece of equipment would you most like to get but don’t have yet?
I really need a carry-strap for one of my cameras. Need that before anything.
What has been the initial moment to work as a photographer for a living?
The Company I was working for, doing magazine layout work, was sold to another Company in a different City. At the same time I was offered to become a part of a rad workspace by some friends. For me that was the jackpot, it was big enough for a small studio, and the vibe was just insanely inspirational, being a collective of 5 creative people. I was very active in photography, getting more and more commissioned Jobs, alongside my normal job. Finally the day came where I made the choice to not go with the newly sold company, but to start my own little Photography business. That was almost 2 years ago now, up until now I am glad I made that choice.

I know you are a lot into HipHop, we convo about it all the time. What sounds got you excited in 2013?
Well my favorite artists coming up in '13 would have to be from TDE. Really digging that new sound and the diversity of styles within Black Hippi. I have been really enjoying PRO ERA for a while now too. I love their vibe, creativity, lyrical game and that 90's touch. Young, hungry, talented dudes.
You already self-published two wonderful books about your street photography. Are you working on any future projects at the moment?
There will be a limited Edition run of Books of the US trip I was talking about earlier. Other than that I am planing a longterm project with one of my close friends and business partners. Call it a joint venture. More Infos coming soon at "Good Design lasts Forever". www.gdlf-studio.com.

If you could be an animal, what would you like to be?
Definetly a bird. Soaring. "Droppin shit like a pigeon"

January 21 - 2014
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Bright Tradeshow, Berlin!

Glad to present a comprehensive glimpse into our forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2014 line at Bright Tradeshow in Berlin from 15 - 17 January, 2014. For more information visit www.brighttradeshow.com or just pay us a visit if you're near Berlin next week. Can't wait!!!

Wemoto Clothing @Bright Tradeshow Berlin

January 10 - 2014
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Everday Workshop

Check out our updated Everyday Workshop!

Everyday Workshop - January 2014

January 9 - 2014
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Lakai Limited Footwear x Johannes Schoen

January 8 - 2014
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Winter 2013

January 8 - 2014
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